Packing Tips

Moving is a stressful event that can make even the most mild-mannered individual turn a bit snippy. Sometimes it seems like no matter how hard you try and how hard you work, there will always be surprise frustrations and incidents that require your full attention and sometimes even a change of plans. You can’t control everything – some of this is inevitable. What you CAN control, however, is the way in which you pack. Packing correctly can greatly reduce the potential for surprise stresses and frustrations. At Holladay Self Storage, we understand how daunting a move can be and want to help however we can. Keep reading for some tips to pack smarter!

Keep it Balanced

First of all, you should always pack heavy items on the bottom of your boxes. This helps keep things grounded and works to prevent spills or topples that can lead to your items getting broken or lost. If you’re packing a box that needs to contain both clothing and books, for example, put the books in first and then place the clothing on top. This will help keep your items safe and balanced!

Use Your Words

Or, more specifically, use your labels! There is nothing quite so frustrating as staring at a mountain of boxes in the middle of your dining room and knowing that you have to unpack every single one of them… and you have no idea which box goes where. This is a huge issue if you live in a bigger home, or one with multiple stories. Wouldn’t it be easier to ensure that the boxes went to the appropriate room when they were first carried in? Of course it would be! To accomplish this, take the time to clearly label where the box should go on both the top and the sides.

Use Good Boxes

It’s tempting to just use whatever old box you have on hand to pack things up, and while that usually works fine, sometimes you’ll find yourself with a particularly old and banged-up box. When in doubt, toss it out! It’s not worth the chance of tearing in transit and spilling your items all over the place. Instead, use boxes that are in good shape and will be able to withstand a lot of jostling.