How to Keep your Furniture Safe in Storage

When you are faced with storing pieces of furniture in a storage unit at Holladay Self Storage you will want to make sure that you are prepping your furniture for its stay. By taking the time to prepare each piece you will guarantee its quality when you come to pick it up and put it back in your home. Below are just some of the ways you can keep your furniture safe during its stay in storage.

Furniture Protectors

In order to ensure that your furniture will remain in top quality you will want to invest in materials to protect your furniture. By lining your storage unit’s floor with a tarp and your furniture piece with cloth or furniture covers, you can keep any harmful substances off of the piece. For added protection you can purchase moving blankets that will act as a padding for your furniture.


Most furniture pieces are too big, bulky, and awkward making it hard to place in storage. If possible, disassemble what you can. By breaking down furniture you can easily move and store the item. To help you remember how to reattach all the pieces correctly take pictures before disassembling. Make sure you store all parts together in bags with the furniture it belongs to.

Protecting Fragile Items

Take the time to ensure the safety of your fragile furniture pieces. Purchase the materials you need to pad and protect them. You can help to protect those pieces from damage by making sure sharp corners or edges on items that are stored next to your fragile item are covered and padded. If you are storing fragile electronics try and place them in their original packaging. If this is not possible, make sure they are stored in a box with adequate packing material to make sure items won’t shift during the moving process. Label all fragile items so you or your movers know to handle it with care.

Strategic Storing

Putting all of your items in storage can be difficult. Make sure you place the larger, sturdier items in the back and on the floor to serve as a base to hold other items. Stack from bottom up going heaviest to lightest. By placing the smaller items towards the front of your storage unit you can have easier access to them. Being smart and organizing your storage unit from the beginning will help you when you need to bring something out of the unit.

Now that you have the tools necessary to prep your furniture for storage you can sleep easy know they are safe and secure at Holladay Self Storage. Our facility can give you the protection you need for your beloved items. Call us today to learn more about what we can offer you when it comes to all of your storage needs.