How to Clean Out your Attic

Now is the perfect opportunity to give your attic a much needed clean out. Attics are great when it comes to storage, but can be a hazard if you aren’t storing your items properly. To help you with the process, Holladay Self Storage in Holladay, UT has provided some attic cleaning tips to help.

Create an Assembly Line

Getting in and out of your attic is a hassle. Most attics only have a narrow ladder or staircase to climb up or down. This makes it extremely difficult when carrying larger items down from the interior of your attic space. Have some friends help you in the cleaning out of your attic. You can create an assembly line to safely get all of the items out of your attic space.

Make a Plan

While getting all of your boxes and various household items out of the attic you will need a plan as to where to place them temporarily. Pick a larger space such as the living room or den to give you enough room to sort through all of the items that you are bringing down.

Time to Sort

After you have emptied out your attic of all of its contents you can now begin to sort through all of the boxes and items you have brought down. It is important to remember to take your time and don’t over whelm yourself. Take on one box at a time. Sort your items into piles of what to keep, place in your storage unit at Holladay Self Storage in Holladay, Utah, toss, or donate. Having the help of your family members can make this process a lot more enjoyable as you reflect on all of the memories you find within the contents of your boxes.


After you have decided what you can keep, store, donate or toss you can begin to put various items back up in your attic. While doing so keep it organized. Label all of your boxes so you know the contents within each. Separate the boxes by importance and by season so you can easily locate what you are looking for. Use the assembly line method to haul boxes back up into the attic to keep everyone safe in the process.