How to Declutter Your Home Today

One day, you look up and there is stuff everywhere. Cabinets are full, clothes and other nick-knacks are sitting on top of every flat surface available, and things just seem to be overwhelming the space you are in. You are suffering from a cluttered home! It is time to throw some items away and organize your home – but where do you start? Not to worry. Here are some decluttering tips that will help you clear out your space, organize your home, and allow you to see the surfaces in your home once again.

One Trash Bag at a Time

Set the timer to 10 minutes, grab one trash bag, and go. Spend the 10 minutes filling the bag up with trash, loose papers, or different things you want to give away. Decluttering doesn’t have to be an arduous task. You can make a game of it, and you can even bring your whole family in on it. Everybody grab a bag, and go.

Visualize Order

Sometimes decluttering starts in the mind, and you are not sure where to start because the clutter is just simply overwhelming. Before you do anything, take a moment and visualize what you want the dresser or the closet or your bed to look like on a regular basis. Determine in your mind what you want your decluttered space to look like, and begin to make it happen.

Box It Up

This is a technique typically reserved for the movers, but who says you can only utilize it when you move? This is a great way to determine what you are going to do with the things in your home. Get boxes and label them: keep, trash, give away, and storage. Go from room to room and put cluttered items in one of the four boxes. You may have to get more than one round of boxes but by the end of the process you would have removed a lot of clutter from your space.

Give Items Away

This is an obvious answer to removing things from your home you don’t need. The fun part is if you do it every day. If you give one thing away in your home every day, that is 365 items. Although it will take a year, you will notice a difference when more than 300 items are removed from your space.

Decluttering can be essential to your piece of mind and keeping your house nice and clean. Self storage in Holladay is a great place to take those items that you are keeping, but need to get them out of the house.