How to Organize your Entry Way or Mud Room

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Entry ways or mud rooms have a habit of getting cluttered with bags, shoes, coats, and whatever else we bring home with us each day. To help you in keeping this space clear, safe, and organized we at Holladay Self Storage gathered some organizational tips for you to try.


Recognize your Exit and Entry Routine

Depending on what your current routine is it will determine how you should set up your entryway or mudroom. Assess everyone’s needs when they enter and exit your home. Look at the current clutter that is surrounding your entryway. This will tell you what you need in terms of organization. Installing shoe cubbies or hooks for backpacks is always helpful.


Make it Seasonally Appropriate

If you tend to have winter coats taking up the majority of the available space in your entryway it might be time to think seasonally. Storing your winter coats and accessories during the summer in a self-storage unit at Holladay Self Storage can free up a lot of the storage space you may need. Make sure you make the necessary preparations before placing your winter clothes in storage.


Go Vertical with Storage

Floor space is often very limited when it comes to entryways and mudrooms. You can easily go vertical with your storage by installing shoe cubbies, hooks, shelves, and even cupboards. Take into consideration what your family will need exactly when it comes to their daily routine. If you have little ones at home, consider placing hooks at a lower level for them to store their own coats and backpacks. You can provide even more organized storage options with bins to keep all the small accessories together.


Prepare Against Moisture

Now that you have conquered the clutter on your floor you will want to make sure you can keep it slip-free as well. Having necessary shoe storage as well as a matt in front of your door can help you to keep your floor free of moisture, especially during the spring and winter months.

Steps to Properly Packing your Breakables

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Whether you are moving or placing some of your beloved breakables in a storage unit at Holladay Self Storage in Holladay, UT you need to know the steps that need to be taken to properly pack and store your breakable items. Taking the time to pack your breakables properly will ensure their safety and quality during transit or their stay in storage.

•Choose the right box. You will want to use boxes that are sturdy enough to hold your fragile items and large enough to fit the item and the adequate amount of packing materials. If necessary you might want to consider adding extra packing material or double-boxing your breakables during transit. 

•Fill the items that could collapse inwards. Items such as glasses, bowls, and vases should be filled with tissue paper, extra socks, or newspaper to put equal pressure on all the surfaces of your fragile items.

•Completely wrap all of your breakable valuables in bubble wrap to protect it during its move or stay in a storage unit at Holladay Self Storage in Holladay, UT. Make sure the bubble wrap covers all surfaces of your item and it is secured with tape. Make sure you aren’t using the tape excessively or else you will have a hard time getting to your item when you need it.

•Make sure your box is completely filled. Put 2 to 3 inches of packing peanuts on the bottom of the box. Once you have a layer of packing material you can begin to place your bubble wrapped items in your box. Fill any of the empty spaces in between your items and the box with packing peanuts. Make sure your items are secure enough so they don’t have any wiggle room within the box. Securely tape the box and label it for ease and organization.

For more storage tips and tricks make sure you stop by our Holladay Self Storage facility in Holladay, UT and check out our website. We have everything you need to fulfill your storage needs.

How to Clean Out your Attic

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Now is the perfect opportunity to give your attic a much needed clean out. Attics are great when it comes to storage, but can be a hazard if you aren’t storing your items properly. To help you with the process, Holladay Self Storage in Holladay, UT has provided some attic cleaning tips to help.


Create an Assembly Line

Getting in and out of your attic is a hassle. Most attics only have a narrow ladder or staircase to climb up or down. This makes it extremely difficult when carrying larger items down from the interior of your attic space. Have some friends help you in the cleaning out of your attic. You can create an assembly line to safely get all of the items out of your attic space.


Make a Plan

While getting all of your boxes and various household items out of the attic you will need a plan as to where to place them temporarily. Pick a larger space such as the living room or den to give you enough room to sort through all of the items that you are bringing down.


Time to Sort

After you have emptied out your attic of all of its contents you can now begin to sort through all of the boxes and items you have brought down. It is important to remember to take your time and don’t over whelm yourself. Take on one box at a time. Sort your items into piles of what to keep, place in your storage unit at Holladay Self Storage in Holladay, Utah, toss, or donate. Having the help of your family members can make this process a lot more enjoyable as you reflect on all of the memories you find within the contents of your boxes.



After you have decided what you can keep, store, donate or toss you can begin to put various items back up in your attic. While doing so keep it organized. Label all of your boxes so you know the contents within each. Separate the boxes by importance and by season so you can easily locate what you are looking for. Use the assembly line method to haul boxes back up into the attic to keep everyone safe in the process.

Tips for Decorating a Rental Home

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When you rent a home or apartment you may think you can’t add your own personal touch to your new space. With some creativity, a self-storage unit at Holladay Self Storage in Holladay, and the tips listed below you can make your rental feel more like home.


                Self-adhesive tiles can be added to your kitchen to give it that personal touch. These tiles can often be found at Home Depot. These tiles are meant to be temporary and can easily be put up and taken off when the time comes.


                Command Hooks are a fast and easy way to add some personal touches to your home. Hanging curtain rods from command hooks gives you a creative way to put your jewelry or scarves on display in your bedroom. Command hooks can also be used when hanging decorative pieces. Command hooks easily come off when you want to change it up or move out without damaging the walls.


                Peel and Stick wall decals are perfect for when you want to add that special statement piece to your rented space. These come in a variety of patterns and quotes so you can choose which one fits your style. These also come off without damaging the paint or walls in your home.


                Temporary wallpaper is now available to those who rent. You can easily wallpaper your space to give it that personal touch. While it may appear to look like real wallpaper it is easier to put up and take off. Temporary wall paper comes in a variety of colors and patterns so you can choose which one fits your décor the best.


                Tapestries can make your space feel cozy and give your space that much needed statement piece. These are easily hung and can be taken down and folded up if you wish to change the style of your space.


                Bright floral pieces can be added to your space to give it that extra pop of color. There are a variety of DIY projects involving floral pieces that can easily be accomplished in one afternoon. Pick colors that coincide with your color scheme and add a pop of color to a dull area.


                Showcase the items you own by placing them on a bookshelf or a bar cart. These will add personal touches to your space and give it some personality. Don’t be afraid to display the pieces you love even if they are a little unconventional.

Taking Advantage of Spring Cleaning Season

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Spring is the perfect season to open up all the windows and doors and give your home the deep clean it deserves after such a long and cold winter. During the spring cleaning process you may find yourself needing some additional storage space. We at Holladay Self Storage in Holladay, UT can help. We have also gathered some tips and tricks to help you get the most out of this spring cleaning season.


Divide the Work Evenly

Trying to conquer your whole house in one go can be difficult and overwhelming to do. Instead, you will want to focus on working your way down through your house. Start at the top of your house and work your way through. Tidying can be followed by dusting and then by thoroughly cleaning specific areas. Pace yourself and set small goals rather than trying to finish it all at once. You can even span this over a few days. Don’t burn yourself out.


Get Rid of Unnecessary Items

The reason your house is a cluttered mess is most likely due to the amount of unnecessary items you are keeping in your home. While you are tidying up your home you can go through all of your items and decide what you can keep, donate or place in a storage unit at Holladay Self Storage in Holladay, UT. Items you haven’t used in a while can easily cleared from your home to give you the space you need for the items you actually use.


Clean what you Usually Don’t

Spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity to clean the areas of your house that don’t often get cleaned. Make sure you pay special attention to your curtains and carpets. Cleaning all the textiles in your home will allow it to smell fresh and clean for a lot longer. Don’t forget to flip your mattresses while you are at it.


Call in a Favor

Cleaning the entire house is a huge task to tackle on your own. Get the help of your family members and friends. Splitting up the tasks needing to get done can make the spring cleaning process easier for everyone involved. You can do it by room or by specific cleaning duties. It is all up to you.


Spring time is the perfect time to get your home clean and organized. To help you with the organizing process you can rent a storage unit at Holladay Self Storage in Holladay, UT. We allow you to keep what you just don’t have the space for in your home safe in our facility. For more information on the service and units we provide call us or stop by today.

Getting your Child Motivated in Staying Organized

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As your child ages you will want to encourage them to help out around the house more. Not only will this give them a sense of responsibility but it will lighten your chore load as well. Giving them the motivation to do so is a whole other story. We at Holladay Self Storage in Holladay, Utah want to help you in all processes of the organization of your home, so we have gathered some tips that may help your child to get motivated in staying organized.


Install Bookshelves

The best way to keep all the clutter off the floor is by installing on-the-wall bookshelves. This will maximize your floor space for larger toys and accessories. On-the-wall bookshelves can also be installed in areas that are not often used such as behind the door. These shelves can be easily installed and tailored to fit your current home décor. Make sure they are securely fastened to the wall to prevent in tip overs. You can even paint them and have your child help in the organization of the items that will be placed on the shelves.


Create a Craft Station

Instead of shoving crayons, markers, and paper in any available drawer, have them organized together in a functional craft station. This craft station can grow with your child and easily become a homework station. This is an area where you can get creative with your storage and use what you already have around the house. By using colorful bins, buckets, and muffin tins you can easily store all the odds and ends that come with doing arts and crafts. Make them fun for the children to use by adding their favorite characters to the design.


Label Everything

The key to keeping your child organized is to have them participate in the organization process. By labeling all the bins and areas of storage with what is supposed to be placed in them can help your child in the cleanup process. Whether you label them with letters, pictures, or words is up to you. This will ensure everything gets put back in its place at the end of each day.


Purchase Hide-away Storage

With hide-away storage you can store a variety of items out of site and in places that aren’t often used. Small storage bins can be purchased to specifically fit under the bed. When purchasing these storage bins make sure they are easy to use for your children. Rolling storage bins helps them to grab what they need and put it back when they are done. If you find that you have too much to keep in home then you might want to consider placing the items you child doesn’t use or need in a storage unit at Holladay Self Storage in Holladay, Utah. Call us today to learn more about our facility and how we can help you in all of your storage needs.

How to Keep your Furniture Safe in Storage

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When you are faced with storing pieces of furniture in a storage unit at Holladay Self Storage you will want to make sure that you are prepping your furniture for its stay. By taking the time to prepare each piece you will guarantee its quality when you come to pick it up and put it back in your home. Below are just some of the ways you can keep your furniture safe during its stay in storage.


Furniture Protectors

In order to ensure that your furniture will remain in top quality you will want to invest in materials to protect your furniture. By lining your storage unit’s floor with a tarp and your furniture piece with cloth or furniture covers, you can keep any harmful substances off of the piece. For added protection you can purchase moving blankets that will act as a padding for your furniture.



Most furniture pieces are too big, bulky, and awkward making it hard to place in storage. If possible, disassemble what you can. By breaking down furniture you can easily move and store the item. To help you remember how to reattach all the pieces correctly take pictures before disassembling. Make sure you store all parts together in bags with the furniture it belongs to.


Protecting Fragile Items

Take the time to ensure the safety of your fragile furniture pieces. Purchase the materials you need to pad and protect them. You can help to protect those pieces from damage by making sure sharp corners or edges on items that are stored next to your fragile item are covered and padded. If you are storing fragile electronics try and place them in their original packaging. If this is not possible, make sure they are stored in a box with adequate packing material to make sure items won’t shift during the moving process. Label all fragile items so you or your movers know to handle it with care.


Strategic Storing

Putting all of your items in storage can be difficult. Make sure you place the larger, sturdier items in the back and on the floor to serve as a base to hold other items. Stack from bottom up going heaviest to lightest. By placing the smaller items towards the front of your storage unit you can have easier access to them. Being smart and organizing your storage unit from the beginning will help you when you need to bring something out of the unit.


Now that you have the tools necessary to prep your furniture for storage you can sleep easy know they are safe and secure at Holladay Self Storage. Our facility can give you the protection you need for your beloved items. Call us today to learn more about what we can offer you when it comes to all of your storage needs.

What to Avoid While Moving

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Moving is never a fun process. It often causes a lot of headaches and of course, back aches. The worst thing you could do is make the situation harder than it needs to be. We at Holladay Self Storage in Holladay, UT want to make the moving process as easy as possible for you. We have provided a list for you below of what you should try to avoid during your move.


Not Preparing Ahead of Time

Moving takes preparation. There are a lot of hidden aspects and necessities that need to happen when moving from place to place. You will need to plan out each aspect of your move. Things to think about before moving day include: renting a truck, hiring movers, change of address, setting up utilities, and organized packing. Not planning out your move can add a huge amount of unwanted stress.


Not Shopping Around

If you do choose to hire a moving company to assist you in your move, it is wise to do some research and shop around. Moving companies will all charge different rates. Not shopping around could result in you not getting the best deal in town. It is also worth reading customer reviews of each moving company. You are entrusting this company to move your valuables, you will want to make sure they are the best in town.


Hoarding Unused Items

The biggest mistake most people make is not getting rid of the junk that has accumulated in your home before your move. Moving or storing your junk is not worth the time or money. It is always good to take the time before your move to get rid of anything you haven’t used or can’t see yourself using in the future. This way you can move into your new home without the unnecessary clutter.


Over-Packing Boxes

You will make the move harder on yourself and everyone involved by over-packing your boxes. When moving or storing items, it is always best to stick with a similar sized box in small or medium size. This will help when loading the moving truck or stacking items in a storage unit. When packing heavy items, such as books, only fill up the box half way as to not but strain on the box or the person lifting it.


Not Renting a Storage Unit

Believe it or not, a storage unit can actually assist you in the moving process and help to alleviate the clutter in your new home. You can begin your move weeks in advance by slowly packing up what you can in your home and placing it in a storage unit at Holladay Self Storage in Holladay, UT. Our facility can provide you with all of your storage necessities for as long as you are renting at our facility.

Creating an Organized Closet Space

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Closets are known to be entirely too small for the amount of clothing and accessories we are expected to keep in it. If you have been using your closet as a storage facility it is time to rent a storage unit from Holladay Self Storage. Continue the organization of your closet with the steps we have provided below.


Gut Out your Closet

The best way to start any organization project is by emptying out all of the items you have in your closet. Designate a space in your home to place all of your items. Once you have everything removed you can go through your belongings and decide what you will keep, donate, or place in storage. You can create a lot more storage space in your closet by switching out seasonal clothing and placing the out of season clothing in a storage unit at Holladay Self Storage. To help you with the sorting process you can use bins and/or a hanging rack to help you to get a better idea of exactly what you will be keeping.


Eliminate Items

If you are using your closet as an in home storage unit you will want to find them a new home. Every item should go in the room it coincides with. If you are still unable to find the space you need, your new storage unit will help you to free up some storage space throughout your home.


Deep Clean

When we say clean, we mean it. Now is the perfect opportunity to give your closet a good scrub before placing all of your clothing back on its shelves. Wipe down all of the surfaces with a disinfectant wipe or wet wash cloth. You will be surprised at how much dust has accumulated throughout the use of your closet. If you have carpet on the floor of your closet you will want to give that a good vacuuming as well.


Put Away

Now you can begin placing the items and clothing you decided to keep back in your closet. Place clothing back in a way that is grouped by categories or color for that added level of organization. You will begin to notice how much room you have. Stay organized by using bins to contain your smaller wardrobe accessories. Purchasing a shoe rack or organizer is also a must.


Now that you have the clean and organized closet you have always wanted you can use the same process in other areas of your home. If you find that you are lacking the storage space you need, you can trust Holladay Self Storage to provide you with the perfect storage unit. Call us today to learn about our current rates and deals.

How to Organize your Laundry Room

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Does your laundry room need a little TLC? Can you barely get in there to even start a load of laundry? Now is the time to get control of your laundry room. Taking the day to sort through your items and clothing will help you in the organization of your laundry room. We at Holladay Self Storage in Holladay love to help when it comes to the organization of your home. We have provided some tips for you to try when you finally do decided to conquer the clutter in your laundry room.


Purge your Wardrobe

The main cause of your laundry room clutter is due to your clothing. If you take the time to look at how much clothing you actually have that is taking up valuable storage space and ultimately flowing over to your laundry room. By sorting through your clothing by season you can free up your closet space and get control of your wardrobe. A storage unit at Holladay Self Storage in Holladay can give you the storage space you need when you are storing your out of season clothing. For the clothing items you don’t wear or see yourself wearing any time soon, you can always donate them or give them to friends and family.


Disguise the Clutter

Doing laundry often requires you to have a lot of laundry essentials such as detergent, dryer sheets, and stain sticks. To give you laundry room the organization and cleanliness it needs you can hide the clutter with bins and baskets. Purchase bins or baskets that go along with your décor and hold all of your accessories. Place your bins up on shelving or within available cupboards to keep them up and out of the way.


Rethink Storage

Laundry rooms are known to be the smallest rooms in the house leaving you with little to no storage space. Because of the lack of space you need to rethink your storage options. Take advantage of the spaces you don’t usually use. Hanging storage behind the door can store any and all laundry essentials you may need. Think vertically and install shelving or hanging racks for your larger laundry items.


Consider Space Saving Appliances

If you are faced with a smaller laundry room you might want to consider purchasing space saving appliances. Stackable washer and dryers can give you twice as much space in your laundry room. This will open up the space you need for storage or for an area to sort and fold your laundry.